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Drug crimes are among the most common crimes that people in the Austin area find themselves accused of. What makes drug crimes particularly complex is that depending on the type of drug and the weight, a person can find themselves in situations involving a simple citation all the way to being charged with a Federal crime facing serious prison time. Whatever the case may be, our office can help make sure that your rights are being protected and the consequences relating to the charges are minimized.






The most common type of charge involving drugs is simple possession. Possession of certain drugs like marijuana, Xanax, or painkillers are often classified as misdemeanor offenses, depending on the weight and quantity of the drug. Possession of controlled substances such as Adderall, cocaine, crack, or methamphetamine will trigger felony charges, which are far more serious and can often carry significant punishments, including prison time. But just because you are charged with possession of a controlled substance or any other drug, does not mean that the State has an open and shut case. Courts in Texas and across the country have held there must be specific circumstances linking an individual to the drugs in question, and that police officers must follow proper protocols in discovering the drugs on your person, in a vehicle, or in your home.


As a former prosecutor, I have worked with police to ensure that they followed the rules when searching individuals, vehicles, and residences in drug cases. As a defense attorney, I use those same experiences to hold law enforcement to task, to make sure that my clients’ rights were not violated, and that any illegal drugs found can be affirmatively linked to my clients. If the rules weren’t followed, then your case should be dismissed. That’s my job as your lawyer…to make sure you receive the full protection of the law as a citizen.


Addtionally, there are many instances where drug crimes occur because an individual has an addiction issue. Luckily, Travis County has numerous programs to help those who have been unable to help themselves, and these programs can often allow clients to get the help they need while keeping harmful charges off of their records. In my practice I’ve had many occasions to help individuals who have suffered from addiction. The personal approach I have adopted in working with clients is especially effective in these cases, because they are about so much more than simply issues of guilt or innocence. Addiction should not lead to the ruin of someone’s future with a drug conviction on their record.


Drug convictions can have numerous consequences outside of jail time or probation. A conviction, and even a charge, can affect your ability to rent an apartment, own a home and work in professional fields. Your driver’s license could be suspended, your student loans cancelled, and applications to college and graduate school stalled or even rejected because of a charge involving drugs and other controlled substances. Navigating these pitfalls isn’t easy, and our office can help you not only avoid these setbacks, but overcome them should they become an issue. Our goal is to make sure that whatever the issue is, it has as little impact on your life as possible, and we tailor our strategy and plan of attack to your specific needs and concerns.

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