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Unlike most other criminal charges, assault cases are unique in that unlike other cases – where the only parties involved are you, the defendant, and the State, who is prosecuting you – there is a third party that plays a significant role: the alleged victim. Often times, the input and wishes of this person can have significant effect on how the State chooses to prosecute your case, and how we develop a strategy for an aggressive defense.

But simply because there is an alleged victim does not mean that the entire case rests on his/her shoulders. The State must still prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and must also deal with the question of self defense, defense of another, and defense of property. Just because the police made an arrest doesn’t mean that your side of the story isn’t the one that shouldn’t be listened to. These cases often involve interviewing multiple witnesses, retrieving video surveillance of the scene, examining medical records, and soliciting expert testimony when necessary. It’s more than just “he said/she said.” The devil is often in the details, and we are experienced and resourceful in bringing those details to light.

Working with Victims

As a former prosecutor, I have worked with victims of assault in preparing cases for trial, and this experience has taught me that what is said to the police and what ends up being said on the witness stand are often completely different things. Getting to the truth of the matter is never as simple as merely reading a police report to determine who is responsible for the incident. Talking with alleged victims and witnesses is, in many ways, a skill that requires just as much practice and experience as any other job.

Domestic & Family Violence

In cases involving domestic and family violence, the issues can be even more complex. There may be a divorce proceeding. A couple may be trying to reconcile, or maybe just one side of the couple is trying to reconcile. Often times there is a protective order in place, which means there are additional rules and prohibitions that you as a criminal defendant need to be aware of. All of these issues are dealt with when we take on a case of family violence or an allegation of domestic abuse. A conviction in these kinds of cases can result in being prohibited from owning a firearm for life, loss of resident status for non-citizens, and can have serious implications in a subsequent divorce or custody proceeding. Because our goal is always to minimize the effect any criminal charge has on your life, our efforts are focused on eliminating these risks that affect more than just your criminal record.

Who Do We Protect?

If you’ve been accused of Assault, Family Violence, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Harassment, Terroristic Threat, Violation of a Protective Order, or any other assaultive offense, you need a lawyer who knows how to fight back and make sure your side is heard. Because in the end, your case is about you. And that’s who we fight for.

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