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Criminal Defense Attorney

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If you have been charged with a crime in Austin, TX or in one of the surrounding Central Texas counties, it’s important you make the right choice when it comes to hiring an attorney.  Making the right decision, from the beginning, can make all the difference when it comes to navigating the criminal justice system.

The Law Office of Richard Gentry provides clients with assistance at every stage of the criminal justice process, from your first encounter with law enforcement, until your last appearance before a judge. 

Services provided include:

  • Jail Release
  • Handling Warrants
  • Court Appearances
  • Jury Trials
  • Bench Trials
  • Appeals
  • Motions to Revoke Probation
  • Expunctions
  • Non-Disclosure Petitions

No matter how serious the charges, or what type of crime is involved, this office can help you get the best results for you and help you get on with your life:

  • Traffic Tickets
  • Drug Charges (Possession of Marijuana, Possession of a Controlled Substance)
  • DWI / DUI
  • Assault
  • Domestic Violence Cases
  • Theft
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors

Contact Law Office Of Richard Gentry today to ask about criminal defense assistance at 512-499-0007, or browse our website for more information about DUI / DWI and traffic tickets.

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